What do I need to setup a network?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kewlio, Apr 18, 2002.

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    I am currently using a network that works through the phoneline. It is suppose to be 10mbps but I would like to get a faster connection.

    Also I am getting a Direcway satellite connection, because I am out in the country and can't get a faster connection, and would like to share the connection with the 2 computers on the netowrk.

    What all would I need to setup a 100MBps network to share files, printers, and net access?

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    A router and cables or if you wanna go the "harder cheaper way" a hub and cables
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    Whats the difference between a hub and a router? And why is a HUB a "harder cheaper way?"

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    Check out this site. They have some good info on building a network.
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    A hub is just a dumb device, a traffic splitter if you wish. A router is an active device and (in this case) it will examine each packet and send it to the appropriate computer on your network. The 'hub way' is a bit harder since you'll have to set up one of your computers as a router. A bought router is just 'plug-in and run' (well, almost anyway).
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    Setting up a computer as a "router" is as easy as setting up the gateway and dns on the "clients"...

    One other benefit to using a Hub/Switch... The network is accessable from any location...
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    I have 3 pc sharing a ISDN connection. 100MBps network, using 3Com 10/100 network cards and a 100MBps hub, the hardest part is running cables.

    Get the Setting Up a Home Network for Dummies book, thats what I did, read it once, then I knew everything took 20 mins to get the newtork all working once the bit arrived.
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    I set my network up the easy way. I put a 2nd NIC in my computer, and used a crossover cable to hook up the other. Total out of pocket for shared broadband LAN:


    Being able to administer the wife's computer without leaving my chair: