What Compact Flash brand to choose?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jdb264c, May 11, 2003.

  1. jdb264c

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    Just bought a Canon IXUS 400 and I'm thinking of upgrading the 32 Mb Compact Flashmemory. Since different manufacturers differs a lot in price for the same amount of memory, is there any difference in e.g quality? For example Sony seems to be extremely expensive compared to other brands (surprise...)
  2. Taurus

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    not that i know of, no. they should all be 100% capable of doing their job.
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    I've noticed that brand isn't everything with these things. Some of the cheaper ones, say 64mb, hold more than that. I think the brand over here that held more than a Kodak card was Verbatim.
    Anyway I would go with the cheapest you can get........then try & talk them down some more. :)
  4. mike09

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    i had bought the same exact camera, no complaints here. well the 32 mg is to small so i went witha 256 sans disk. works good no porblems.
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    ive also got a canon digital camera, and i have two cards, a 64 meg and 128 meg. both made by Kodak.

    only thing is, the 64 meg card is corupting photos..so i dont use it any more...

    If you are really clever and do your research, it is possible to find out where the cheaper brands buy their stocks from...

    you may even find that a no-name brand is actually surplus kodak stock...however it is equally possible that the no name brand stuff is very dicey quality.

    When it comes to photos, they are so important that I wouldnt risk buying 'inferior' products..I am so paranoid that i will lose photos that the risk outweighs the price
  6. jdb264c

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    Thx guys! I'm going for a SanDisc 256 meg which seems to be the cheapest
  7. Un4gIvEn1

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    SanDisk makes a faster memory module. I think it's called the "Ultra" series. It writes and reads a LOT faster.