What can i overclock?

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  1. What could i overclock my Geforce 4 MX 440 and my athlon 1600XP both with just the standard fans and no other cooling?
    The Mainboard is an EPOX 8KTA3L+...

    Geforce 4 MX 440 - Graphics Clock = 270 mhz
    - Memory Clock = 415 mhz

    Athlon 1600 XP = 1.4 ghz

    And also wanting to over clock a Geforce 2 MX400 and an Athlon 1800XP both with standard cooling and not overclocked yet?
    The Mainboard is a MSI KT Ultra2...
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    When overclocking the CPU's generate much more heat which needs to be disapated. By this I mean case fans and lots of them not to mention that you need a good CPU fan to cool your XP. A retail heatsink and fan more than likely just won't do :(

    However on brighter note if your XP has the right stepping code it is one of the best overclocking Athlon XP's. Not sure what the right code is but try a search on the net and you'll find out.
  3. u should get a mini frige for cooling then u can try and overclock everything all together :)
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    I'm running my Athlon XP 1700+ @ 1800+ with a 140MHz FSB with a standard heatsink and fan. Its not much, but the CPU still maxes out at 41C

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    the most overclockable cpu released in the original athlon XP series was none other than the 1600+..

    the clock multiplier for the 1600+ is 10.5... 10.5 x 133 gives you your core clock of 1400 mhz...

    the thing a lot of people did was kick up the clock to 166 and have it perform as a 1900+ or thereabouts..

    now CAUTION is advised....

    as soon as you start oc'ing your rig you VOID your warranty... so unless you not only have the skills/knowledge to do it... and the correct cooling devices (i.e. heat sinks/fans/heat spreaders / water cooling or something else) do not even think about it..

    I have run my cpu @ 1200 mhz and 1733 mhz and there is no discernible difference in day to day apps...

    if you want to go into HARDCORE gaming just buy a better vid card... we have a new section called trading post... look at some deals there or look online...

    if you want to oc and know how to do it... make sure you have better cooling than the retail/stock coolers that you get...

    when I oc my rig I use 143/144 fsb and everything is stable...but then I have 4 case fans as well as a volcano 7 and a well ventilated case...
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    Well said "Sazar" , overclocking some of the fast cpu's of today doesn't make alot of real world difference, sure your benchmarks will increase a bit but you won't notice much if any difference in performance.

    Sure in the days of the Celeron 300A overclocking made alot of difference. The 300A was easily and without xtra cooling able to overclock to 450mhz and some reported even higher. But then you were changing the FSB from 66 to 100 which in itself made a huge difference. But with the high speed cpu's of today overclocking is not really noticeable in real world performance.
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    I concur... now if you kick it from 2.5 to 3.5 like some people using liquid nitrogen and other stuff.. yeah you'll get a bigger increase lol BUT think of costs/time and the period for which you can use your supercharged rig.... makes no real sense...

    for me it is an experiement in understanding the dynamics/limits of my pc... I have yet to crash it...

    I normally don't go over 144 fsb on my rig and I have left sandra burn-in for a few hours to make sure the system can handle the increased fsb with no stability issues..

    basically sandra burn in keeps a 100% load on cpu to make sure everything can function as designed...
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    My ram craps out on me at 139, it's only cheap stuff, so far I have found that the XP 1800+ is not a good overclocker also ......I have tried the 1700+ , 1800+ and a 1900+ and the 1800 was the worst overclock performer. I deleted the stats I had but the 1700 was the best of the 3.

    Only reason I overclock is to play with my system :D

    I'm kind of like "Tim The Tool Man" of computers lol....I like to see just what things will do and see how to make it faster lol. And yes I do distroy some things in the process, but it's a learning experience and fun too :cool:
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    Between Austin and Tampa
    you can see the oc I get with my rig.. and that is absoultely rock solid..

    I can go higher but certain apps tend to act iffy... no need for me to go higher anyways..

    if you get good heatspreaders on your ram perhaps you can oc your rig a tad higher... but you could also fry it heh...


    I like to tinker with my machine as well... its just fun... so far I have yet to destroy anything but I am positive I have a few gray hairs from just playing around...
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    the 1800+ is a great over clocker. Its really your board and the dynamics of it. I can overclock the 1800+ to 2000+ no problem on an fic an11 stealth board... some boards like other cpus better. Just depends on who makes it and what else is in your system.
    All cpus will over clock to the same basic standards (ususally to steps or cpu grades higher) a 1500+ will make it to a 1700+ and a 1600+ will make it to an 1800+ and so on. It all depends on your cooling and mobo really. One other factor is if your 1800+ is a palamino or thoroughbred.. they are very different over clockers. Some motherboards favor palaminos while other boards favor thoroughbreds. To get a real idea youd have to experiment alot (as i have owning a computer buisness on the side) to get the real idea. Example: you can over clock a 1200 duron to 1400 on an ecs k7s5a with the beta bios.