What burner would you suggest?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by boske, May 6, 2002.

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    I am looking for a burner and right now i think im going to get the TDK Velo...any suggestions?
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    One word:

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    It pretty much depends on what your need are. The TDK veloCD is aimed at audio ripping while the Plextor Plexwriter is aimed at overall burning. Right now at CompUSA there are 40x Write Plexwriters for $160, about the same price as a 32x Write veloCD. Of course, there are better deals from websites, but if you want superb all-around burning and a drive that can read just about any type of disc then get Plextor. That's what I'm saving for.

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    ok, thats two plextors...
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    PLEXTOR 40X !!!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!:D

    great burner.... :D
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    plextors are good burners..with out a doubt. No need to spend that kind of money though. I bought a Lite-On 24x burner. It is a great burner that is very very affordable and gets good reviews. If something is copy right protected, you can just use different softare (example: CloneCD) and copy it without a hitch.

    My 2 cents!
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    thats not a bad price at all. i'd agree go with plextor. never had any problems with mine.
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    I have a plexwriter 40/12/40a. Life is good:D
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    I thot Lite On is a subsidy of Plextor... Their drives are very similar in built... Anyway, Both looks good... My bro's plextor n mines a Lite On 32/10/40. Burns a 700MB disc in less than 5 mins.... Power to both!
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    I like my Samsung 24x10x40 with SuperLink (its a different trademark name for buffer-underrun prorection)