What are your 3dMark scores?

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by PiCTuREm3RolLin, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Mine is 6000
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    ugh. a 32mb TNT2 model64 came with my VIAO. It's such a horrible video card, i get like 20 frames per second running half-life. But i don't understand why people care if they have 90 frames per second or 60 fps because the eye can only see 24 fps.
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    just under 10,000 lol...jamie
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  7. i've got about 39002838.9381 or something pretty ccolse to it :)
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    Must be due to mutation,.... you live near Chernobyl?
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    with the athlon oced to 1.62ghz, i get 80723dmarks.
    when i overclock the g4, my score goes down... but if i run game 4 buy it self, the frame rate improves... anybody have any ideas on why this is? the frame rate increases in quake 3 as well, from 112 to 122, but, if run the entire 3dmark2001, my score goes down to 7800 with the video card overclocked...
  10. Re: .....

    /damn busted again\

    no i live on the opposite side of the earth there nothing here, no mutations

    /hmm where's that 5 leged guy running?