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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Jan 25, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me how to stop the welcome screen popping up when i boot my computer, it seems a waste of time to me and i would like to get rid of it...
  2. There is a easy way to disable the Welcome Screen:

    Go to START --> Control Panel --> User Accounts. One of the tasks you can choose is Change the way users log on or off. Click on that.

    And there are two checkboxes. If you disable Welcome Screen, The Use Fast User Switching is disabled automatically. You must have the welcome screen on if you want Fast User Switching.

    Close all boxes and windows and you are done.
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    Only disable that way if you know your 'login' password, or it won't let you back in!!!!NOT even in 'SafeMode'.Be careful.:happy:
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    Hmm I wonder if this guy ever managed to login after he changed the way he logs on ROFL...

    = him :eek:
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    I didn't understand the last two posts. What Jason Roberts described only replaces the Windows XP welcome screen, with the Win2k login boxes. (Apart from the changes relied to Fast User Switching). Anyway if there is no password for an account these login boxes accept blank passwords and if there is a password and you forget it, you are screwed no matter what login style you use.
    To answer the original question I think what you are after is to avoid any kind of login screen. You can achieve this by using TweakUi - Logon - Autologon.
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    or goto run>> control userpasswords2. there u will find the option to auto login any acount u wish with out having to use tweak ui:cool: