weird keyboard/mouse problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HellyHans, Sep 16, 2008.

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    Ok well I'll explain the whole story.
    First I had issues with my GPU which died and I sent it back for a replacement.
    The replacement card was also defective, so I used another GPU at my work to boot my computer.
    Now, I had issues with XP loading into high resolutions.. so I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and rebooted my computer.It booted in 256 colors.
    But when I installed the new nvidia drivers.. it booted just like before 4 colors 640/480 couldnt get it to work in 16/32bit
    So I decided to remove all my nvidia drivers including the USB and all the nvidia controllers in my system.. full uninstall.

    Now when I boot my computer. I have NO keyboard and mouse support via USB.(which is i guess normal)
    So I plug in my keyboard/mouse via PS2, but it doesnt work.. the only key on the keyboard that works is SHUTDOWN.( why are the other keys not recognized?)
    Even when I boot in safe mode, I get nothing.
    When I boot in normal mode, I get the automatic hardware installed because its probably detecting the video card and usb and stuff
    But i'm getting a LVCOM error..and I know its a logitech error.. so I also tried, booting without any of the devices plugged in, and plugging them in only once my OS is booted, and nothing works..
    This is the first time I ever see this.
    I tried different keyboards..
    So Ill try with another non logitech mouse and see what happens
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    Have you checked your settings in BIOS for legacy conneectors, usb/ps2 and so forth? Did you reset the BIOS to defaults and not change back the connector preferences?

    I would check that first and go from there.
  3. HellyHans

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    yup I checked the BIOS,
    they keyboard works lets say to press F8 and I select which mode I want to boot my windows.. everything works until Im in the OS.
    Then the only key that works it Shutdown on the keyboard.

    I tried 3 other keyboards, and they all do the same thing.
    I just hope that today, ill try another mouse and it will work.
    After that, I guess Im going to have to find a way to boot my OS in another computer and cross my fingers that it will atleast let me run in another computer.. I know it will popup an bunch of stuff cause its not the same hardware.. but maybe Ill be able to uninstall my logitech drivers, maybe thats the cause of my problems