Weird IE/XP browsing problems - pages not loading correctly, wrong URL pulled

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hoving, Feb 25, 2002.

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    Sorry this so long, but the problem is complex & I wanted to provide as much detail as possible. I've been searching high & low and no one can figure this one out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    - SONY VAOI RX550
    - Windows XP (Problem never happened with Windows 98 on my Gateway)
    - IE 6.0 (Problem occurs in Netscape, too.)
    - @HOME cable connection w/router (Problem was happening before router.)
    - IE security settings are set to default

    Frequent DNS & HTML error pages; forbidden/you don't have permission to access this server pages; pages sometimes don't load correctly; placeholders appear where jpg or gifs should be; entering URL or clicking a link will load a recently visited page instead of the desired one; a recently visited web page will load inside a web page I’m looking at; title of page is not of the one I'm looking at; I'm sometimes prompted for a username and password at sites like

    1. Frequent DNS & HTML error message.

    2. Occasional “Forbidden” error messages.

    3. I'll type a URL or click a link and instead of the desired page
    - a page I visited recently will load instead. The title of the
    window has the desired page title (e.g., . . .), but
    the page I'm looking at might be the page.
    - OR, most of the intended page will load but where a banner
    ad or graphic should be is instead part of a recently visited
    page or the start of the "! Cannot Find Page” DNS error

    4. JPGs & GIFs sometimes don't load on a page. Just the place
    holders show. I've made sure .jpg & .gif extensions are set to
    open with IE (in Tools>Folders>File Types). Details (when
    clicking the ! symbol at bottom left) usually say "Syntax error."

    5. Now & then I'll get a username & password prompt when a
    page loads where no user/pass would be needed (like at,, etc.). If I close the user/pass box I
    might get a "You don't have permission to access this site's
    server" message. User/pass dialogue boxes appear legitimate,
    set up by site's admin.

    Appears to happen at random, no particular site. Sometimes I can browse for an hour with no symptoms, sometimes any of #1-5 will happen frequently over the course of 10 minutes.

    Hitting Refresh or closing & opening browser usually fixes the problem & the page reloads correctly. No problems for the next 10 minutes or so of browsing. Sometimes I get so many DNS pages one after the other, URL after URL, I get frustrated and just reboot, and can usually resume browsing symptom free, for a while.

    Reinstalling XP

    1. Not knowing what might have caused the weird browsing
    problems in the first place, after enough frustrations &
    interruptions, I reinstalled XP and all was well again. No
    problems browsing. Then I installed & ran Windows Washer
    (which I was using before) and boom – the problem was back,
    which makes me wonder if Windows Washer is the culprit.
    Perhaps its latest version is not fully XP compatible and
    washing with it deletes an essential .dll or something.

    2. The @HOME network has known DNS server problems. But
    because the symptoms appear to have started each time after
    washing once with Windows Washer, and because I never had
    the problem with Windows 98 - when I still had @HOME and
    was using Washer - I'm inclined to think it's a Washer/XP issue.

    1. Uninstalled Windows Washer
    2. Restored to previous point, prior to installation of Windows
    3. Ran Disk Clean Utility
    4. Scanned for viruses & spyware
    5. regsvr32 urlmon.dll command
    6. ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew
    7. Almost everything else.

    Any clue?

  2. zman

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    Sounds like window washer has a part in your problem

    The only thing i can suggest is go into internet options > Advanced and choose Restore Defaults

    Uninstall Window washer then Run a GOOD registry cleaner

    and go to a command prompt and type

    sfc /scannow
  3. Lukas

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    I just wanted to say, that this has to be the most extensive problem discription I ever read. (that's a compliment)


  4. morpheus2k

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    Me too :(
    I actually came here to see why it is doing this, going to some random link when I try to go someplace. Really annoying.

    I only have Word, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, PSP, Winamp and AudioGalaxy installed right now, fresh system installed on Monday. Updated my Pro too over at Microsoft.

    Any idea's?

  5. Nismo83

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    browser hijack? have u tried those spyware removal tools? Hope it helps.
  6. Tittles

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    ermmm...this post was 2 years ago. I hope he/she has fixed it by now
  7. ~bk

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    Yes, it's 2 years old now. I'm pretty sure it's been resolved.

    EDIT: going to move this thread
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    i should of thought of that. Cept i am kinda slow with my crippled arm :p
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    It's either fixed or Hoving is completely bald by now . :eek: :D