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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Law_Enforcer, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. Law_Enforcer

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    I installed the security update from Feb 12th and something weird seems to be going on with my IE ever since... I'm unable to open links in a new window + the popups and the popunders don't load (which ain't that bad)... But not being able to open a new window really sucks :( Let me explain what i mean by saying i'm not able to open a new window - the new window does open, only nothing loads in it... And when i say nothing, i mean nothing. has this happened to someone before?

    thanks for the answer :)
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    Have you tried uninstalling that patch and see if that helps? I'm not quite sure what you mean by nothing loads. Is it that a page doesn't open? Or is it that the windows is blank (i.e. it crashed)? Does it do this when you're not running anything else?
  3. Law_Enforcer

    Law_Enforcer Guest

    Hi Lactic.Acid

    by "nothing loads" i mean this:
    the status bar which usually says "opening page" or whatever (bottom of the creen) is blank and so is the window itself..
    The buttons (stop, reload, etc) are all working - the window doesn't freeze. And when i hit the stop button i get the "action cancelled" page from my HD (res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/navcancl.htm)

    I'm stumped....

  4. duder

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    have you checked the security settings or the advnced tab for changes the patch might have made?
  5. Law_Enforcer

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    The security settings and the advanced settings haven't been changed - they're exactly the same as my friend's IE settings...
    The patch cannot be uninstalled (that's what Microsux's site says)

    any other ideas?
    Or should i just give up on IE and start using Opera?
  6. aleni

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    i have the same problem after updating from windowsupdate. this sucks!!!!!! :mad:
  7. Mister Zee

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    You should still try to do this:

    In Internet Options, in the Security tab, reset everything to default (use the Default level button for all the zones). Then go in the Programs tab, and click the Reset Web Settings (unchecking the box about the homepage first).

    Restart IE and see if it helps. Also, what are the other programs you have running? Any Anti-Virus? Popup blockers etc?? Just a supposition, but check if you have an AV, if its "script blocking" feature isn't conflicting with IE 6's new patch...

    Lemme know if it helped.
  8. aleni

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    still doesnt work, btw, it happens to links in outlook express only.. the rest urls are just fine..
  9. eGoalter

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    hmm bummer

    that sux, im not having that problem when i use myie...and i have the update, i havent tried it without myie yet though.