Weird.. Cell phone and speakers

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just got a brand new Nokia 3315 Cell phone (Black and white screen, who cares?) and I've noticed this. Whenever I put my cell phone in front of my monitor.. near the speakers and the the subwoofer is under the desk.. it acts weird. Right before I get a text message my speakers give me a little bit of feedback (Scrambling noise..) and than stops, than a 1/2 second later my phone beeps saying I have a new text message.. what is this? A early detection system? haha.. but seriously, what is causing this and should I be worried?

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    the year 2525
    its the phone swopping signal masts or downloading the sms message, also does it when im about to recieve a phone call.

    mates car stereo is really bad for picking it up.

    screened audio cable will stop e.m. interference,