Weird Case question (semi Mac)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mainframeguy, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Please no flaming on this thread - it might seem emotive to some.

    I am just having idle curiosity as to whether anyone knows if it is possible to get any cases, not sure if they could meet ATX or MATX or SMFF standards, but cases that in essence are close in design/appearance to Mac ones and yet are available for PC build. I would have thought this were possible with the G5 - and I believe the G5 has some innovative thermal sectioning that may even make this advantageous.

    Of course I am aware they could be no where close to replica status because Apple will have copyrights. I should have thought if the manufacturers of this imaginary hardware made it clear it was a "tribute" (similar to PearPC) then there should be no issues arising from Apple Corp.

    Anyway - it was a weird thought - no idea how I might have Googled on it! - so I thought I would throw it open here....

    If anyone knows of anything I shall be interested.....
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    There are some Lian Li cases that have the cooling set up similar to mac cases.
  3. Xie

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    You could probably pick up a case on ebay without to much trouble I'm sure.
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