Webcam shows no realtime imagestream

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sweens, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Sweens

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    Don't know if it is a hardware-, driver- or other problem yet.
    So I will post it here.

    My webcam Philips pcvc675k doesn't show a realtime streaming videoscreen.
    It does however capture. I can playback the output that it has recorded.
    Also when I move the "realtime screen" around very fast, it very shortly shows what is in front of the lens. Immidiate after that the screen turns black again.

    The same things happen with every video-application (MS Camera/Scanner-wizard, MS Moviemaker, the original webcam-wizard, Ulead Videostudio, etc).

    I use XP Pro
    The cam is on an USB-port.

    Does this sound familiar to someone ?

    Thanks and greetz
  2. Sweens

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    Found it

    Found it at last:

    Objectdock is the pain in the ass !

    When I switch it off, the preview is back.