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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 1bLaDe1, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. 1bLaDe1

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    hey, i have some recorded wav files which i want to convert into mp3s...i tried a few programs, but when i convert em, the sound comes all fuzzy ...
    i really need these converted without the fuzzy noise coming in...any ideas?


  2. max

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    HI Blade...

    im not very good at MP3 stuff but i have used this


    its free ....

    Hope it helps

  3. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    Audio Catalyst is a good programme i hear...

  4. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    thanks, but nop, no matter what program i use, the sound comes all scratchy and fuzzy ... i discoverd if i try to encode them in a higher bit rate, the sound becomes even fuzzyer...if i lower the bit rate, the quality is cheap.

    these are .wav files I recorded throu sound recorder.


  5. Led2112

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    Have you tried Cooledit 2000?
  6. Shover Bot

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    lame is the best, IMHO. Use Exact Audio Copy to rip the CD, and then encode using LAME and the -r3mix standard. Best sounding .mp3's I've ever ripped.
  7. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    thnx for the replys,
    but when i convert an mp3 to wav and then .wav to .mp3, it works perfectly ...
    but these .wav files which i wanna convert, are recorded using sound recorder, throu the mic ... and when i convert em to mp3 they have a fuzzy, noise

    I have tried those programs but i still get the same results.


  8. emmie-chan

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    i don't think there's a proggie out there that'll let you convert ur .wav to .mp3 without the fuzzy sound. i think what you might have to do is first reduce the background noise on your .wav file, since i think you mentioned that you recorded it through a mic. anyway, reduce it as much as you can (iono with what proggie thoe) and then when you convert, there won't be as much fuzzy sound. :p iono i'm sure you've already thought of that, and i apologize if i'm no help at all... :(
  9. Electronic Punk

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    AudioCatalyst is cool..
    CoolEdit 2000 / Pro has a cool addon that will remove hissing / pops / clicks with varying degrees of success, pretty cool, tho I now use soundforge 5 for most of my audio-editing.
  10. HoVnO

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    Hey try dBPowerAMP, I use this program to convert my .wav files into mp3's and I never get any fuzzy noise. It lets you convert them into different bitrates too. Its a pretty handy program, try it out at http://www.dbpoweramp.com/. You might need to download a codec though.
  11. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    Damn thanks man! with a lil tweaking here and there, it worked PERFECTLY! thnx a lot, and thnx for all the replys ppl!


  12. HoVnO

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    No problem. This program is the best out there of its type. I recommend it to anyone who ever wants to convert their music files to other ones. Or just to change the bitrate of their MP3's. This program supports almost every music file format, all you need to do is download the codec from the website.