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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Burpster, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Burpster

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    how many ppl here enjoy watching movies on their PC's ....i for one watch a ton of movies on my monitor (19" Sony flat) really enjoy it ..even thought its small i find the picture quality excellent(DVDrip's) speakers are Altec 641's which pump out decent sound ..and i have a big lazyboy recliner i pull up for comfort :)

    til i have a 50 inch+ plasma in the family room i'll be watching them on my PC
  2. Khayman

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    I every rarely, if ever, watch movies (and when i say movies i mean DVD's) on my PC. especially seeing as my PC is 2 meters away from my nice big wide-screen TV and DVD player.

    If DVD's have DVD ROM content, then obviously i do. But not for the main feature
  3. freightgod

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    My wife and I banished television from our home 15 years ago, so our family watches DVDs almost every day on our 19" monitor. Three kids up front, mom and dad behind. With all the lights out and the 5.1 sound going on we really forget about the small size.

    I think it's the clarity that makes up for the size. Watching DVD on a PC monitor is an equivalant experience to HDTV.

    Would I notice a difference moving up to a 21 inch monitor? I can't afford a plasma screen and LCD's suck for off-angle viewing.
  4. Burpster

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    well i was going to buy a 61" Sony WS HDTV ....but the wife wants a plasma so have to wait for prices to fall
  5. Nick M

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    Plasma displays do not have a very long lifetime, or so I have read places.

    I watch all my movies on pc, my samsung syncmaster 170t is a digital monitor ( DVI ) and it's a 17 inch viewable screen.

    I don't watch television, I really hate it. We have it for the sake of my grandmother. If I lived alone, I wouldn't even have cable.

    Movies on my pc, is the next best thing. I can either move away and get a wonderful picture, or watch it in a window, and I am just fine with that too :)
  6. Bman

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    I just started watching DVD's on my computer. I got my Geforce 4 Ti 4200 and new dvd rom, plus sweet surround sound speakers! Very nice picture and sound for games and movies!

    ICE AGE is a funny movie !!!
  7. Nick M

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    I love the squirrel thinger from it. :) That's the coolest character by far
  8. Herkalees

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    Sony projections aren't so hot. If you need any decent honest advice, I'm good for it.

    I work at tweeter and am very into home theater... I'd be glad to help a fellow NTFS-er
  9. Herkalees

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    How long have plasma's been out? How can someone tell the lifetime of something that hasn't even been out 10 years?
  10. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    normally watching tv (via tv tuner) or dvd's on my rig.. if gf is over she watches dvd's or hbo on one monitor while I work on the other for a few mins before I get THE look and have to drag my ass to watch sopranos (why why why ? what did I ever do to deserve this)

    have yet to get her to watch an NFL or NBA game with me though :)


    its fun... dvd's clearer on my monitor than it is on tv...
  11. Jmtyra

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    I watch movies on my box. Just a normal 17" flat CRT, but it does the job.

    Don't have a DVD.

    I rent from occasionally and watch those.