Warcraft 3: does it suck?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by seeme, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. seeme

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    is warcraft 3 a very similar, but updated version of warcraft 2? ive just been looking at the screenshots of the game on blizzard web page.

    it looks almost identical to warcraft2. im not going to buy a game if its almost exactly the same as thre original!

    any beta players here? id love to hear your opinion!

  2. G-Money

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    NO... .W3 is a very cool game..... nothing like War 2 or Starcraft..

    You have Hero's you have to gain levels with.. etc....

    Its more like a D&D mix.......

    Very cool
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    Warcraft III is NOT that innovating, I think to it's an "updated" warcraft II, but the gameplay is awesome tough & the graphics are superious :)
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    me?? do i post enough? of course i do! actually, when i posted one mesage, it seemed to post the 'post' 3 or 4 times...dont know why it did that...

    actually, looking through the warcraft site i can see the major differences, if you can call it that. however the graphics look almost identical, the basic idea of the gameplay looks almost the same....so im wondering if i should just dust off the old cd that ive got rather than bother with this one..
  7. G-Money

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    Ok.. I have the beta, so I can tell you first hand that the game is nothing like Warcraft 2. In War 3 the key to the game are your hero's. They gain levels by fighting, find treasures, get magic spells . You can find magic wand , rings, robe, armor... etc... like D&D.

    The other units are much more different also.

    In War3 lets say your playing a 2v2 and half way in the game you partner drops. Well in War 2 you would be in lots of trouble. Not in War 3. You gain control of his units and town.

    You can also share gold and wood with you partner. Cant do that in War 2.

    I could go on and on about how War3 is nothing like War2.

    It s a great game if your into that type of game !!!!

    Im going to buy it the day it comes out !!!!!


  8. wbeach

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    Warcraft 3 is better

    Warcraft three in comparison is a lot different and a lot better.

    There are four races of characters that take on whole different personalities. Unlike in warcraft 2 where the orcs and humans were practically the same.

    I believe the orcs most closely matches the old character type, but even they have some new improvements that make them not the race they once were.

    The game is done in a fully rendered 3d environment offereing spectacular graphics that'll push your 3d card to new limits.

    The game offers blizzard's most proudest single player game which has everyone who's glimpsed the game in awe.

    Battle.net has gotten a huge overhall in ways of playing options. Annoymous playing, Ladder matchups, Ladder teams matchups, are just a few as well as some new ones.

    Heroes; each character are given three hereos that can be leveled up to gain new and additional spells. Usually four that can be upgraded up to three times.

    New rich in game cinemas, the best that blizzard can offer and I think we all know what they are capable of.

    Need any more comparisons?

    And besides if you don't believe me, believe the 4.5 million people who have already pre-bought there copies.

    Warcraft 3 goes gold baby!!

  9. Misfire

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    I have the beta too. Its the best rts i played this year
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    Very 1337 Game, go grab the beta off of IRC and lan with your friends (If You Have any) It rocks
  11. I have the war3 beta, i dunno, its fun n everything, but it doesn't have the polish that Starcraft had. Maybe thats why i don't like it as much as their previous titles, cause i'm expecting Starcraft 2 in a sense. The reason I don't think it has that 'polish' is cause everyone basically does the same strat in the first 5 minutes of the game. Its pretty essential that you get a hero out quick and level up from hunting creeps or you're opponent which usually yields a LOT of rushing tactics. On the other hand in Starcraft during the first 5 minutes of the game one player and his opponent could be doing 2 totally different build orders, one could be rushing, one could go early expansion, and the possibilities are endless. It seems like that variety is gone in War3, and when you stray away from the standard build you usually lose or are crippled depending on who you're playing. But still, for those of you who haven't been spoiled by Starcraft like i have, I still think its fun.. i mean its a blizzard game after all and they never release sucky games. The graphics are sweeet, and you can zoom in etc. They have tons of new features built in to b.net as well, arranged teams, observing, sharing resources with allies, set teams (meaning you can't un ally once the game starts and backstab ), the new features are really good, i think they should implement some of that stuff in Starcraft with a patch.
    Ne ways thats my 2 cents.
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    Well, some of you might already know. war3 retail has been released, by a group of hackers of course. ive been told that single player story is really good and cinematics are amazing. singleplayer is more of a rpg then a rts.
  14. I just finished downloading and installing the retail version. Its great. Nothing like the first or second warcraft. The graphics and story line is unique and exciting.

    But, im a CS kinda guy!!!
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    whoa thats sweet!!!
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    game is fine. beat it already, a good challenge since you're kept to 90 food units.