want to get smart on new system build

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by greggustin, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. greggustin

    greggustin OSNN Addict

    I have about 2 more weeks till my new
    OEM Build set of CD come from gateway
    and as I have ALL my data files backed up on external USB2 HD
    and all my Application Retail Originals :)
    I feel 'brave' about playing around
    I am trying to 'design; the best methodolgy
    (within my budget)
    at the time - no raid yet
    but have 4 sata connectors and 3 200GB SATA drives
    the main point here is the concept of making image drives and use of copies of registry

    during the past few days of rebuilding
    I have been making a fresh image every 2 programs
    this is fine for now
    ( I was having memory stick issues - which caused multipe crashes - now resolved)

    was thinking
    HD 1 = system setup (windows stuff)
    HD 2 = Data files and Program files
    HD 3 = Image backups of HD1 and HD2
    this way, I will not have to rebuild program folders if lose system drive

    where put swap file?
    do I make any partitions or keep drives full size
    I use Partition Magic 8.0 to make partitions
    and do a lot of data file searches
    so was gonna at least break down my HD2
    and what else to I put on HD1
    system files are not that big

    thanks guys
  2. Mike Bliv

    Mike Bliv OSNN One Post Wonder

    How about put the OS and apps in HD1 so when you restore, all your apps are restored too?

    Create a 1-2Gb partition as the first partition in HD3 and use it for your swap file. Add another partition for your backups. Since HD3 will not be doing much except storing backups, it's the ideal location for your swap drive. Also, by putting it as the first partition, it will be at the outer edge of the hard disk, which means it can be read and written to very quickly so your system is more responsive.

    BTW, you can move your My Documents folder to HD2 by right-dragging it and and selecting Move.
  3. Admiral Michael

    Admiral Michael Michaelsoft Systems CEO Folding Team

    Putting the swap file on a sparate partition within the same drive windows is installed on wont do much if anything at all. I just leave my swap file on the main drive and have my desktop organized thus:

    Primary 120GB
    C:\Windows (69.3GB)
    D:\Music (30.0GB)
    E:\Progects (12.3GB)

    Secondary 120GB
    F:\Storage (120GB)

    Like Mike Bilve suggested put both your OS and programs on one drive. Also since you have a 300GB you can allocate more space to music and projects if that is how you choose to use your partitions. I find that 70GB for the OS/programs is plenty.
  4. LeeJend

    LeeJend Moderator

    Fort Worth, TX
    C: Only System and programs that are not D: friendly
    D: rest of programs
    E: backups, bulk storage, all my multimedia temp (nero) and final directotries
    F: swap file and room to put a dvd image

    C 10% (basic minimum to image for saving a trashed install)
    D 35% (varies with number of games you play, keeps data files off system)
    E 50% (all downloads, multimedia, temp files)
    F 5% (swap and fast, clean temp file sotre for burns)

    This allows fast imaging of the system disk which will get attacked by viruses and rapid defrag of the small system disk which is at the center of the HD. The D and E drives rarely need defrag.

    All the backup files end up at the bottom of the E drive and the often changed files stay on the outside minimizing fragmentation.

    I prefer the swap file on it's own partition since anywhere else I ever stashed it it ended up aggravating fragmentation becaue of it's size. You could put the swap file at the bottom of any partition if you make it fixed size but many people here object strenuously to fixed size swap files.
  5. greggustin

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    this sounds 'convenient'
    but as the others have said
    it makes the restore image get bigger and bigger as I add more program files
    in my life, it has always been some form of windows files that have caused my grief

    based on the replies
    I will do small system partition on HD1
    use balance of HD 1 for temp files
    (eg video editing)
    and put all progam files and data files on 2nd physical HD
    (in 2 partitions)
    HD3 - 2 partitions (swap and backup images)

    thanks for all suggestions