Voodoo3 2000 PCI troubles...

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  1. Hey, I have windows XP 2600 (corporate Edition). And i cant get my V3 to use OpenGL or Glide. I need some drivers, but of all the 3rd party drivers, I dont know which are best for me. If anyone has gotten a v3 2000 to work, plz tell me what drivers u used. Thanx in advance!
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    Gizmo has released some Glide drivers that fix the problem of OS hangs after exiting Glide applications/games. Here are some words from him:

    These drivers: Glide3x.dll and Glide2x.dll originally from hujer_hoe, I just got glide to work without freezing on exit, sacrificing OpenGL but you can always switch Glide3x.dll and Glide2x.dll without restarting.. These drivers go in "c:Windowssystem32" basically where your current ones go.

    Should work for Voodoo 3,4,5 but tested only on Voodoo5. These drivers have been tested and work for:Warzone 2100, UnrealTournament, and Tribes1 without crashing on exit or just plain work.
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    oh sorry didnt read it properly

    but the ones on the front page of this website work great
  4. v3-wxp-notools HELP

    When I used v3-wxp-notools, it didn't work. What folder am I supposed to extract them to?
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    Hey I can help, I had Voodoo3 2000 PCI and XP working, Full openGL support heehe.

    I posted a thread on here about it before, its gone!

    Right, what you need is:

    1. Voodoo3 drivers for Windows2000 Here
    2. Get the HoE Drivers Here
    3. Read Ansible's guide to installing these drivers to work on XP. Click here for the guide

    I used the guide and it worked first time everytime, since then I have bought a GF2MX for the time being (Getting New comp with ASUS GF3 Ti500)

    Hope this helps and G.Luck