Voltage Problems perhaps?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kanbeki, Jul 2, 2004.

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    Since my A64 rig was just pissing me off beacause its still all crazy even with a new psu..I decided to canabalize it and shove some of the parts into the p4 since they were better..I added 512 of ram and the 9600XT..and then suddenly once I started up my SBlive and Tv Tuner weren't listed in the device manager, I unhooked the sb and went back to the onboard audio, so now I only have 1 other pci deivice besides the tv tuner and thats a nic and windows still isn't recognizing the tuner..I checked all the teeth..its in secure..I think that its not getting any power..but I don't know that for sure..which is why I came here to see what you guys had to say, could the new hardware be pulling more Vs then the old hardware or is the p4 rig now on the fritz too?
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    I would check with support with the mobo manufacturer. That would probley be the fastest way to get an answer to that question, unless someone here has the same setup.