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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by lieb39, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. lieb39

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    Is it possible in Visual Basic to rename, overright or delete a file on the hard drive? How? (Step by step is the best...)

  2. XPletive

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    Sure there is.

    Use the Name statement to rename a file.

    Use Kill to delete a file.

    VB will overwrite files automatically. That's why
    it's good practice to check for the existance of the
    file and ask the user if the want to overwrite it.

    Seach VB Help for Name and Kill
  3. EventHorizon

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    Oh no no no no no.

    There is a much better, and safer way to rename/delete/copy/move files in VB.

    Depends on your VB version, assuming VB6 you want to look at the File System Object (check it out on or

    name and kill do work, but you have very little control over what they do. The FSO also give you a better error message when a file is in use etc...

    Have fun!
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    Open notepad, copy this as test.vbs and save. Double click it to run!

  5. XPletive

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    File System Object assumes a couple of things.

    1. A more recent version of VB
    2. A slightly more experienced VB programmer.

    I find it better to start people off with the basics.

    I will agree that is offers better error handling, but
    most new programmers don't have an understanding
    of the importance of that anyway.