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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vdubVR6, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Just a quick question...if using virtual PC (connectix virtual pc 5.2) on a windows xp system, can the virtual os transfer a virus to the main OS... :unsure:

    1.) C:\ hold windows XP :clean:

    2.) F: \holds virtual drive w2k :virus:

    They are on two different drives, XP has an antivirus program and firewall...Thank you!!
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    If the virtual W2K PC can see your Windows XP drive, then yes. If it can't, then no. I'm not sure about how VirtualPC for Windows operates since I haven't used it. I know that on my mac version, the visiting PC is placed on a simulated, virtual drive. The drive is actually one file that can dynamically expand as more information is added.
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    Thank you for the reply!! I have a new question...Is there any way to take the virtual disk image and transfer it to a new HDD as my main OS, I was thinking maybe Nortons Ghost (all options open)?? I have set up the virtual PC how I would like it, and don't want to reinstall to a new drive...But I will if I have to. :( Thanks in advanced!!
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    Ghost should do the job.