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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Shixter, Jul 24, 2003.

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    What can I do to optimize the usage of virtual memory. Some games seem to use up every bit of memory that I have available even though they are simple games that should be using very little. I can't find any problems with my RAM. But I get that little XP bubble saying that my virtual memory is too low ee though I have extended mt cache a bit.:confused:
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    How much RAM do you have installed?
    How much disk space is available on the drive the pagefile is stored on?

    I believe you should have your page file set at 1.5x amount of RAM if you have 128MB or more.
    So for 256 MB RAM you'd need around 384MB free on your drive.

    If you have less than more RAM 'cos XP needs it
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    Hey thats a good question man, now im gonna one up you on the lack of knowledge. What EXACTLY does the virtual memory do? And what is the best thing i can do for a pc with 512 mb of ram and a P3 1 gig processor. Also, how does one change the config of your virtual memory. I know this is a lot to ask and all, but thats what you wonderful braniacs are for!! Well, i look forward to hearing this one.
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    I ain't gonna go into EXACTLY what virtual memory does as I ain't a braniac,
    and there's plenty of reading on that in the Windows Help File :p
    In summary though...

    Virtual memory is disk space used by the system to page open yet currently unused files/processes etc
    to to free up more real RAM for use by the files/processes that are in current use.
    It's a bit like a cache in some respects.

    It also gives you the opportunity to handle apps/files that would normally require more memory than is physically installed,
    as this disk space is treated as a slower partner to your DIMMS it bumps the total available RAM up to a higher level.

    If the page file is set too low, you get poor performance and Windows will complain.
    Set too large a pagefile and you'll be wasting disk space as well as giving the system an unnecessarily huge file to manage.
    (This only really applies if you fix a static size of yer page file).

    Get it right and you barely even notice it's there. ;)

    For 512MB try a pagefile setting of 768MB
    Control Panel>System Properties>Advanced>Settings(In performance section)>Advanced Tab>Click change where it reads "Virtual Memory" at the bottom of the tab window

    Hope this helpful ya braniacophobe :D

    Ooooh never noticed Shixter 1st post ;)
    ....Welcome to the NTFS forums. Enjoy your stay :)
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    "braniacophobe" nice ;) okey dokey, does it set that setting automatically or do i NEED to set that? and um, where do i go to do that?
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    It sets it automatically. And I would advise letting it do so. In order to check it press windows + pause break go to the advanced tab and select performance settings then click advanced tab and virtual memory settings.

    The only thing I would do with virtual memory is to change its location to another (preferably faster) drive.
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    I have my page filing set pretty high and it seems not to help much....I think I just gonna max out my RAM...I am about to build a new computer anyway..
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    Ok, i think i will just leave my stuff alone and trust in fate.
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    Is dealer on vacation?
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    I just have mine set to let the system manage the virtual memory. I problem I run into with XP Pro is that since it uses so much processing juice most of the time, it almost needs a big "kick in the ass" before you start games (with or without other processes running) and then after you exit out of your games it takes several minutes for the RAM to redistribute evenly back into the system. I hope LONGHORN or the next edition of XP can automaticlly adjust more quickly and efficiently to RAM distribution when and where needed.