Virtual memory is too low?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AaronMcarthur, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. While ago, I just got an error and it says "Your virtual memory is too low and your computer is going to be increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file"

    This was down in the system tray, what does it mean?
    Do I need to add something?
  2. Octopus

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    right click on my computer>>>> properties>>>>advance tab>>>>perfomance settings>>>>advanced tab

    you will see it there you may increase/decrease it from there.
  3. Alrite thanks.....can i add anything to my pc such as hardware to make this error from appearing and to run better?
  4. Jmtyra

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    Not really, except maybe some RAM. If you properly adjust the virtual memory setting then you won't get that error. All that is is a chunk of space on your HD that the OS uses for temp storage-no biggie.

    Thanks! :)
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  6. allan

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    Well, maybe nobody else cares, but I'd like to know how much ram he has and what his current pagefile setting is (drive & size)
  7. C: Drive - Paging File Size 384-768
    its on custom size, Initial Size - 384 MB, Maximum Size - 768 MB

    I have 15373 MB space available on my hard drive.
    I have 256MB of ram.
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    1) A little more ram wouldn't hurt. Obviously you can run with 256 Mb, but you'll notice a big difference going to either 384 or 512.

    2) What were you doing when you got that message (if it was a game it may be a known issue)? Did it happen more than once? Do you tend to have a number of programs / windows open simultaneously?

    3) Try letting XP manage your pagefile and see if that helps. Depending on your responses to the above questions, it appears XP isn't happy with your current settings so lets see what happens when you let the OS manage it.
  9. I chose to let Windows manage it so I'm gonna see how that works, yea I might get 512 for it.

    I only had Winamp, ICQ, Grokster, about 3 other windows, zonealarm and norton running.

    Tonight I'm going to defrag.
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    Oh, Allen, we do care. :p

    But as for the move from the 256 to 384/512 being assumed, that depends on a few more things. Processor speed-amount of installed programs-startup progs-what he is doing on his box-and how many apps he runs while on his box.

    I have a very slow 800Mhz AMD with 512MD RAM. When I went from 256 to 512 I noticed a moderate difference with bootup speed and app stability. If I had a faster processor I may have gotten a better increase.

    Also, nobody asked if he is running XP or not, it has just been assumed. That makes a difference as well. 512MB with XP is almost a standard if you want to run instead of craw with it. :blink:
  11. 2z

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    this is a fairly common occurrence in 256meg machines
    the minimum is set too low by default
    letting windows manage it has little benefit in my experience
    I would just just increase your minimum to 512meg
    defrag the pagefile
    and you shouldn't see it again

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    Since this is an XP forum (or at least it used to be :cool: ), that's the one assumption I do make unless told otherwise. And I don't care what your processor is, if you are running XP you will see a significant difference between 256 Mb ram and 384-512 Mb ram.
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    Glad you read my post in its entirety, Allen. Nice to see we agree.

    Yea I am a new member to this forum, so I did not know that this used to be exclusively an XP forum. My bad. :confused:

    Have a nice day everyone! :happy:
  14. I am running XP Pro, I haven't visited the site in awhile, is it still an XP site or all windows now?