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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bretenn, Aug 17, 2002.

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    i'm wondering how to make a program to recognise its cd... ok let say i want to install a games to my computer and that games required cd in the cdrom. now i build that cd into another physical drive using virtual drive. but the problem is that games got problem saying "please insert games cd into cdrom". how to make that games to know its cdrom location?? mayb it did not recognise it because there are too many physical cdrom drive?? (it is a cyber pc) plz reply asap...
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    I know what you're talking about. I used to hate switching different cd's for different games, so i got this thing called Phantom Drive. It stores the cd on your C drive and you can have like 5 virtual drives. It also makes pirating a hell of alot easier.
  3. Bretenn

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    the prob is it ask to put the games cd into the cdrom but i oredi insert it into one of the virtual drive. anyone?
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    Cant you just use a no-cd crack. They are legal if you own a copy of the game and then the switching with cd 's is history.
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    but the prob is several games that i want did not have no-cd crack. Anyone??
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    Try installing the game from the Virtual Drive as then in theroy it would then know that is where the cd is
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    Download Daemon Tools...i dont have the URL handy but its on every search engine.

    Then u have a virtual drive(up to 3 i think) and all u do is load the .cue file and it thinks the cd is in the virtual drive...thats how i installed almost all the games i have
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    can u explain more in details?? kw4ntum... 10q
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    virtual drive help

    The daemon tool installs a virtual drive it is easily learne just go to link and download version that is shown.
    The link is 1 of 2 i have seen uder daemon tools but its same file just new version other day.
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    no, wat i mean is how to make that .cue file....
    a little more details will b prefer 10q....