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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by elkinm, Dec 19, 2001.

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    I heard that there is a veirtual desktop built into XP and I was wondering If someone could tell about it and how to use it.

    Also I heard that you can share desktops, so some programs transfer from desctop to desktop and I was wondering if there is a program that can share programs with siferent users in XP so a program like Windows Media Player would play music and if you swich users you will still see the same WMP window still playing the same song. This may sound small at first but it many cases it is very important to some programs equaly transfereable between users so they could keep track of them.

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    Somehow I think the Virtual Desktop is available after you install XP PowerToys..... To activate you would right click on Taskbar / Toolbars / Desktop Manager.... Check it out you can download PowerToys from this site...


    What the F*ck
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    Are you talking about the Different users desktops? where you can Switch between desktops?

    If you are - when you play a file in Windows Media and switch to another user - the file will be suspended until you switch back - where it will continue where you left off.

    I think that's what u mean.
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    I would like to be able to transfer a running program between diferent users. Basicaly I want the Media Player to keep playing if a new user logs on and I want that new user to see the player window.

    Basicaly you know how the volume and network conectons and Norton AntiVirus auto Icons in the right corner of your taskbar are there regardless of what user is logged in. These are called services. So what I want to do is make select programs to transfer beteeen users so they will be able to use it and see it and change it at any time.

    I'm not sure if setting a program to run as a system service will do that and I rely don't know how to make it a service and then customize it to which users can use that service.

    I woould greatly apreciate any help anybody can give me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    AFAIK, you cant run the same WMP8 session under two or more users at the same time, unless the disconnected users WMP8's are suspended. And trying to run it as a service would either be unworkable, or at best lead to severe instability.

    Maybe someday MS will figure it out, but theres alot more hurdles to climp over before trying to get this one right.