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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by skutterdan, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. skutterdan

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    well. its been along time coming but SP1 is here on my pc after waiting 2 hours for it to download. Installation is a doddle. Unfortuantly that is the only good thing that i can say about this major update. Since installing SP1 late last night my machine has gone loopy. For example failure to complete loading windows. meaning that i have to reboot the pc try again. The usb ports malfuntion in that i now have to unplug my mouse and plug it back in for windows to recognise it. (And yes i have the most recent drivers!)

    When installing SP1 sets a restore point. Tried removing SP1 via this and nowt happened. Anyone got any ideas? I love XP but hate SP1 !:mad:
  2. Tabula Rasa

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    Did you backup the old files???.
  3. skutterdan

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    aye i did. just checked with M$ i can uninstall via add/remove software. I might try reinstalling later on. perhaps when im drunk!!