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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by clivemajor, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. clivemajor

    clivemajor Guest

    Can anyone tell me how i can watch a dvd on my tv screen i have the leads connected but there is no option to swich to tv in properties
  2. mojohns

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    what kind of video card is it? i know some video cards dont have multimonitor capability so you would have to connect the card straight to the tv without connecting it to your monitor.
  3. clivemajor

    clivemajor Guest

    Yes Graf card is G Force 3
  4. tOtEM

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    If you have your Vid Card connected to you TV .. just switch TV to VIDEO ..
  5. Navek

    Navek Guest

    In the advanced section of your graphics card properties screen you should have a option tab for Device Selection - usually that tab will have radio buttons for selecting analogue monitor or TV. If they are not there try installing the latest detonator drivers. Hope this helps.
  6. clivemajor

    clivemajor Guest

    now sorted dowloaded detonator thanks
  7. Navek

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    One more thing - the GEFORCE 3 only has 1 RAMDAC so you can't view TV & Monitor at the same time - If you want to use your PC through the monitor and watch a DVD on the TV at the same time you'd either need another video card with twin view capabilities or if it's just for DVD decodong a hardware decoder card with TV output. I had a creative DVD decoder card, but it was too old for XP...the win 2000 drivers were none too stable and unless I find some new drivers I won't give it a try. I'm considering going dual boot and putting win 98 se on, but I'm not sure if 98 will boot on a dually - it might freak out as it can't cope with 2 processors, but then again it might only recognise the first one and be OK...or I could just put the card in my other rig which is running ME with an old Athlon 600...should be up to DVD playing!!