Video Game sales up 7% in December

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    Late last year, analysts were all throwing around doom and gloom predictions regarding videogame stocks. With December figures in, U.S. videogame sales were up 7% from a year earlier according to a Reuters report
    Analysts also said total game software sales for 2002 were up 21 percent over 2001, and total retail sales for the industry, including hardware and software, rose 10 percent. Total sales for the year, were said to have reached a record $10.3 billion.

    Despite the 21 percent rise, some analysts still expected an estimated growth of as much as 25 percent, and many see sales dropping off due to "deteriorating consumer spending conditions".

    EA and THQ had a good December, with sales increases of 18 and 25 percent, respectively. Activision didn't fare quite as well, with a decrease in sales of 22 percent. Tony Hawk 4 did not perform as well as hoped, and other Activision titles released around the holidays didn't really help much.

    The PlayStation 2 was host to 13 of the top 20 best selling games, with the remaining 5 on the Game Boy Advance, along with one each for the Xbox and GameCube.
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    Maybe with the sales going up, they will bring the prices down a little.
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