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    I have a job which I have to do, and basically I have to make a cd, when put in a standard DVD player will go through about 40 pictures with background music. I need to be able to select how long each picture is stayed on the screen. (So in other words, I need to make a slideshow cd) Than my client would also like it if he puts it in a standard cd-rom drive and can go somewhere on the cd to view the pictures and background music on his computer. So like a powerpoint or something like that.

    Now my question, what software will allow me to burn this cd? What software should I use to make the DVD Slideshow? What about the one on the PC? And finally, How do I put this all together to make this cd?

    By the way, I do not have a DVD burner, just a CD burner.


  2. You can make a VCD from pictures and do that.

    Guides here