video cards help wha??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by p8ntballer, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. p8ntballer

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    what will a new video card do for my computer??

    sorry if its a dumb question,,,
  2. chris

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    Well, the answer will depend on what card you have at the moment, and also what you plan on doing with it. As in, do you play alot of games, or just use the internet, or use it for work etc.
  3. Shamus MacNoob

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    No such thing as a dumb question ... just dumb answers A video card is what allows you to play much more complex games with richer graphics with much better picture and faster movement the better the card the better the overall performance of your games and also what ever your watching such as movies or dvd's ... the dvd player of course is not a video card but if you had a dvd then the video card is what would boost the image there are plenty of good cards and a few great cards ... all depends on the amount of $ you want to spend. There are 2 kinds of cards one older not very good is the PCI slot and the best is the AGP slot it is brown in color you need to look inside your computer to see if you have the AGP slot or only the PCI.
  4. p8ntballer

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    the slot is blue .... so does that mean im pregnant???

    well i got a ati 128 pro which im sure sucks lol

    whats a good card to get .. i got about $150?

    i play counter strike alot if that helps ...
  5. XP Abuser

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    Yeh Your pregnant

    get an ATI 9700 pro if you wanna play the newest games maxed out sazar will fill you in on the details

    but if you want it for occasional gaming and dont mind falling back to 800x600 or whatever then get a g force 4 are good cards
  6. NetRyder

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    Eh? :confused:
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    Huh? :eek:
  8. Sazar

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    he said 150 bucks... the 9700 out of the price range :)

    perhaps a ti 4200 from nvidia or an ati 9500 PRO (don't buy non-pro unless you plan to do a risky mod)

    around same price range but the 9500pro is a directx 9 card and has the best performance/price bang on the market @ the moment...
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    They're making fun of pregnancy tests. The test goes blue and that means your pregnant.


  10. p8ntballer

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    well crap i won a gift certificate for and i cant find any of those cards u suggested :( ......
  11. Taurus

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  12. p8ntballer

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    its for $135 dollers and i got some cash its that card or the ati 7500