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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by squealysp, Aug 26, 2002.

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    A while back I purchased a 3d prophet II titanium card and installed it. Well, it seems to work fine except that when I go to device manager and look at display adapters, NVIDIA GEFORCE2 DDR has the yellow circle with the ! in it, and if I click properties it says, "This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)". I have updated the drivers, reinstalled the software, and nothing fixes it. I also could not install the 3d tweak software because it said something about it not being compatible with something. Does this sound like a Windows XP compatibility problem or motherboard problem? Thanks for the help.
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    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Vid Card???

    Uninstall everything associated with the Vid Card, switch the Adapter in the *Properties* to VGA and shut down.

    Pull the Video Card out of it's slot and reinsert (make sure it is seated correctly). Then reboot the system and let XP install it's own native Drivers for the Video Card. DO NOT use the Drivers that came with the Video Card.

    See if that helps. :)

    If it does fix your problem, then update the Drivers to the latest and greatest Detonator Drivers.
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    if that doesn't work, i would recommend a reformat from scratch. it's always helpful.
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    do you have onboard video by any chance?
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    Okay... I uninstalled everything again... took apart the PC and put the card back in. I just reformatted on Saturday so I am not doing that again. :) I have come to the conclusion that it is my AGP slot that is causing the problem. The card will fit in, however, the the L piece at the end of the card has no where to fit into. It is just kind of hanging out in space. :p I will see what I can do about this problem. Thanks for all the help. If it sounds like I am still off base on this, give me some feedback.
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    The L shape does not go in my friend. You have a bad card dont you think.
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    lol....try setting boot up display to AGP(default is onboard or pci....usually), and then disabling on board display..if that diont work...GET A DAMNED ATI
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    First of all, let me say I feel stupid. :p
    Now, onboard video is automatically disabled when when AGP card is inserted. I went to the BIOS settings and have them set to AGP as well. I guess it is just the card? I still want a newer motherboard, however, because mine is several years old and will not run somethings if they are later than Windows 95. Haha. How sad is that. Overall, the computer runs nicely... a lot better than everyone I know. I guess my next adventure is another board.
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    Heh heh, A learning XPerience. :p