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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Fridge, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Everytime I try to play a game I get black rectangles on my screen. They are small and the move around like little roaches. I tried diff resolutions, settings, and changed everything in desktop and im still getting these black, dotlike, rectangles. It is whenever I use Direct 3d or open Gl. THe games so far where i saw the "rectangles" is Warcraft 3, but now i am also seeing some red shades and dots in Counter Strike when i play. Please reply if you know this is a hardware defect because i have already gotten my RMA # to return it and im looking for a reason not to. So if theres any reason u know please help!!!
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    what type of video card do you have?
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    i know my old video card(dont laugh)savage4 couldnt handle nature scenes and would give out on me and produce this triangles to fill in the spots were it couldnt produce color. so you might want to find new drivers for your card!!
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    the video card is a eVGA Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 and i have all the current drivers 29.42, i even tried the unofficial 30.30 drives and still the same problem...Is this an unfixable hardware defect? Oh yeah and i had my video card for quite some time...but the problems just started comming in now. (Had the card for like 2 months)
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    maybe not sure i dont know? check to see what everyone else thinks :cool:
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    too much partying

    Lay off the drugs :D , ...... lol...... too much LSD/magic mushrooms for ya?? just kidding....i would recommend getting Geforce Tweak Utility and f&%*'ing around with that..... thats all i can help with at the moment....:rolleyes:

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    Roaches, eh? Better call the Orkin man!:D