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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by kessel, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Arre pci graphics cards limited to 2.0 for aero effects? if not what score does the HIS x1550 (product: score

    hi all, i'm thinking about getting an x1550 256mb video card to replace my dying fx5200 128mb. my fx runs aero ok but when it comes to the media center its a bit choppy. would the x1550 make it less choppy? and what WEI would i get for it?

    (i tried posting this in the vista section and it come back with and error and i couldn't find the post so i apologise for posting twice if it went through)
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    You should be fine.

    I reckon the score is probably a 3.0 or something similar on the x1550. You primarily need adecent tv tuner to run the media center unless you are just using it for music/pictures/dvds and stuff.


    A little more information.

    I personally love vista media center. Leaps and bounds better than the 2005 MCE version :)

    And, it works flawlessly with my g-15 keyboard :D

    The ONLY issue is when I am folding on my gpu and have it running. There are minor "pauses" like lag every few moments for about a minute or so and then it goes away. Affects me when I am watching digital channels (processing is higher) and sometimes on a regular station.


    Has nothing to do with WEI though.
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    yes thankyou for your advice. My primary use for media is to play mp3 files/organize cd albums and it does lag a bit once i click in to the music section since i have to wait for the covers to open.

    speaking of the cd covers. how can i make them display my 500x500pixel cd covers instead of their crappy 200px covers. I've already replaced the folder.jpg and embedded the pictures with no luck