Via 4in1 always messes with bus master

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hadez, Dec 25, 2001.

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    If i install the 4in1 i currently have 4.36, it works out fine and i use the via tool. Whenever i update to the latest release and install, it prompts me to uninstall ide miniport driver then it reboots. I then logon and get a via tool registry error and it's no longer loaded on startup. It adds primary and secondary channels in device manager but if i leave it like that (like before), i usually end up getting conflicts with my ide channels. Right now with a the 4.36 it just has via bus master controller in device manager and my via tool starts up fine. Luckily i created a restore point before installing the .37 and its back to normal with .36. This has happened before with updating the 4in1s. I would like to keep it up and spiffy letting the latest tweaks to be installed, .37 supposed to fix some agp problems or whatnot but everything is fine right now. Sometimes while installing the new drivers it'll uninstall my miniport then before i can reboot new hardware is found with the bus master drivers, and that's when things get fuxed up upon reboot. With this via ide tool installed, my system seems to run extremely well along with the interleave and other tweaks. Hrm, just wish i could install this new 4in1 without it changing so much stuff. If i were to do a clean install right now, then install the via tool and put in the .37, there would be no conflict, it's just updating. Anyone come across problems similar to this or have a solution to this problem? I'm runnin kt133a with all of the latest drivers for everything working fine, except being at 4.36. I think i'm repeating myself a bit, anyway gimme a response or an email to Anything would be appriciated, thanks. I still love via :>

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    That tool doesn't have an effect on the drivers. All it does is allow you change the PIO or UDMA of your devices. If you need it that bad, go into the files of the old via drivers and open the folder "viatool" (i think) and run the exe. Or stay with older via drivers. You only need to update those drivers IF you are having problem. You said everything ran fine with the .36 so stay with them. Also you are suppose to unistall the older via drivers before you update them.
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    yeah, im gonna stay with these drivers for a while but probably will eventually try it again for the hell of it. usually when i uninstall the 4in1 the OS detects the hardware and loads drivers, then shit gets fucked up upon reboot. oh well, i hate people complaining about via chipsets, i think they're interesting to mess with especially when you got a jumperless board.