Very wierd shutdown + retart problem with XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by soul-reaver, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. soul-reaver

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    Hi, my problem is very unique and so far i have not find a solution.

    The problem i'm having is with both the shutdown and restart of windows XP.

    I hope every 1 have notice that at the last moment of the system shutdown there is a (tick) sound, i think its from the hard drive then the system powers off, which the black out of the monitor and final spin down of the hard drive.

    In my case however, When i execute either the two command, the computer responds readily, programs closes and seems nonthing is wrong.
    Then after the (click) sound the system does not power off nor reboot, the screen is on and the had drive spins up again then (click) again and this process happens 4 times, and then finally the system powers it self off or reboots.

    I know the above may sound confusing but its really hard to explain with out you experince it.

    I've ran Win98, WInME, Win200 and non of them acts this way, only XP

    I hope some 1 can solve this problem i'm having or give me some ideas

    My Specs:
    p3 550, Gigabyte BX2000+, SB Live, IBM deskstar 20GB, MS usb mouse, usb modem.
  2. roberto

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    I know this is not the same as the problem with Roxios ezcd creator, but do you have this software installed by any chance?

    if so then it may well be the same problem im sure many people recognise. ie shut down problems. I would remove it and see if it makes any difference.

    good luck
  3. lol..........check ya power managment settings in your bios and xp settings. Alsoit might be an idea to tweak a file that shuts down your computer. Its in a different forum though. Also what happens when u press the power button on your case?
    ANd........See if your case plugs to your mother board are in the right place? and....if all else fales just re-install Xp.....

    write back and tell me
  4. Bytes Back

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    Sounds to me like a duff power supply
  5. maoten

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  6. soul-reaver

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    Thank you for your replies, but i have not solved the problem, because I don't think you guys understanded my problem.. i know its confusing.

    To answer each of your replies:

    Maoten :> the problem addressed on the site refers to teh loop error which is like a run time error which halts your system and reboots. I don't have any errors just that it take my computer to do 4 powerdown cycles before it can shut down.

    Bytes Back :> if its the problem of a power supply, then why didn;t it happen on win98/me/2000, also linux shuts down perfectly.

    PiCTuREm3RolLin:> The computer its not new i've been using it for a year now, so the plugs are all in the right places. i've just done a reinstall of XP and this happens just after the fresh install, therefore its not a 3rd party software problem. Currently i've assigned the power button to ask me what to do. I've enabled APM, i done think there is anything to do with power settings. what file are you talking about that shut your computer down?

    roberto :> nope don't have that program

    Well thanks for all yo replies, i guess i'll have to live with it
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    check your task manager CTRL + ALT + DEL (I know u know this) and see if there is any un-usual software running - I had a similar problem with some Creative sound card drivers - where it would run a file call "news" I think which was fine on Win98- it hanged and system took a couple of goes to get rid of it.
    When u first shut down - see what is left running.
    Hope that helps a little :)
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    do you ever...

    I had a similar problem with shutdowns where it sounded like my drives kept cycling (no ticks tho) and I couldn't figure it out for anything. So, after banging my head against the wall for a couple hours, I opened the case and gave everything inside a good cleaning, removed all the fans got them shiny clean and blew the dust off all my hardware, cleaned all the connections , and put it back together and have never had any shutdown problems since. I'd had my comp for about 6 months at the time....