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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by meisme, Nov 15, 2002.

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    1. I just established a dsl connection on a computer running win98. The computer now uses the verizon software to connect to the internet. I want to set up the connection manually. What exactly do I need to do in order to do this.

    2. I computer has win xp, and I want to share the dsl connection through a router, I should have all the necessary hardware this week end, but im not exactly sure how to have both computers share the connection.

    Im familar with the hardware aspect of networking, but when it comes to software im stomped.
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    Here's what I have and what I've done...

    In my apartment I have (1) PC running XP Pro, (1) PC running 2K Pro and (1) iMac. Each computer has either a generic or aftermarket network interface card (10/100 style). I also have a Netgear RT314 router.

    Each of my computers is running CAT-5 to the router. The router is plugged into my Verizon supplied DSL modem (external of course), and the DSL modem is plugged into the phone line.

    All of the parameters and usernames/passwords that Verizon assigned to me were entered into the router. Instructions on doing this are supplied with the router.

    I uninstalled all verizon software, literally. Nothing they supplied to me is on any of these computers... I simply open up internet explorer and I'm surfing.

    Don't bother calling Verizon's Tech Support for assistance if needed, they'll disconnect the call the moment they find out your using a router (they prefer you to have 1 account per computer) I did have to call Netgears Tech Support back when I was a newbie and set this up, they were fairly fast and accurate.

    I hope this helped.
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    Thats the same config that I want. So all the necessary info and instructions comes with the router.
  4. with out router
    1)ok just if u dont know. in win 98,me you MUST have their software to connect to internet.
    2) in win xp you just make a connection to it, no need it their software.

    with router u go to setup in wan connection type u set PPPoE and put in your id/pass.
    1) win 98 now does not need their software
    2) win xp still does not need their software.
    the router connects automatically.
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    Thanks alot, Ill keep you updated.
  6. Re: Here's what I have and what I've done...

    wow, they'd actually hang up? never thought of it. i always do what i need on my own, just sometimes when line doesnt work at all i call em up and ask if there are repairs going on or something. but what if they find out if i got router, can they start *****ing about it or something?
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    Nah, they won't cancel your account or anything, they just don't condone (sp?) it. When I mentioned it, the guy said "I cannot discuss any aspect of a router as we "require" you to have a seperate account for each computer..." I kind of laughed and dropped the subject.
  8. oh, ok then.