verbatim cd-rw problem please read

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sojourn, Sep 26, 2002.

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    I have owned my verbatim 32x12x40x cd-rw for quite some time now, around 6 months. The same nero software with it too. everything works fine until yesterday when i tried to burn a cd! when i was ready to write to the cd i could only choose from 12x or 8x write speeds! my friend advised me to re install the cd-rw from scratch. I did that and it fixed the problem. now tonight i burned a second cd and the problem popped right back up again and i can only burn in 12x or 8x, my current cd's i use are 16x max

    very unusual since when i first re installed my cd-rw i could burn fine with all speeds available.
  2. Have yon installed any software that might interfere with you CD-Drives? Anything at all?
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    no idea. just wanted to say i just purchased the exact same drive on clearance for $20... then i got a $30 mail-in rebate. }:p

    besides this current problem which might be software or cd-r media based.. it's been a good burner, right?
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    yup no problems except this recent one.. i just now found out recently that when i start my pc fresh, it has the right speeds, but hours after my pc is on is when i decided to burn a cd and thats also when the low burn speeds would only show. so if i wanna burn fast, gotta restart pc :\