Vcd Copy Protection???

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  1. I have been doing quiet a few small time projects with friends, and have been publishing them in VCD format. Is there a program or method I can use to COPY protect the cd? Just to keep the average idiot from copying it, which is mainly who I sell to. If there is such a protection, thanks for any input.
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    there are tonnes of programs like this. freelock comes to mind, but i've never used it and i dont know how good it is.
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    at the risk of starting a flame war...

    by this logic i have a legal right to copy the licence to my Windows XP Home edition since i own that licence, but thats not the case. dude, sometimes its better to just answer the question if you know how, and keep to yourself if you dont
  4. oh god...

    it was just a question catch... you dont have to get into "rights" and shit. the movies a buck, I think the consumer can splurdge and buy a real copy