VCD burning - Minutes or Size?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by afrodeziak, Mar 24, 2002.

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    If your burning a VCD, does it go by the Minutes or Size of the video?

    I know for audio cd, it goes by minutes because one time I had around 70minutes worth of audio and the final result was a 754MB audio cd on a 80MIN 700MB CDR.
  2. tough, but data size best bet

    I usually encode to SVCD using DVDx, so I don't know if this really applies. each encoding format has its own "default" settings or whatever, which means that in burning to CD the amount of data isn't ness the amount of data you see on your hard disk.

    what program you using to burn? they normally have some indication as to how much space you have left on your media.

    What exactly do you want to burn? mpeg files onto VCD? or are you ripping a DVD to burn onto VCD?

    Tell me more and I'll try to help you out.
  3. I think it goes by minutes. I have successfully burned a 70 minute film onto a 650Mb disc and on checking found that there was approx 740Mb of data on it!

    No harm in trying it out. CDR's are cheap enough!
  4. Like I said, difficult to say, but if you're burning onto VCD, nero or whatever should tell you when you're running out of space? you could always just play it safe and burn to a 74 min Cd / 650 mb of data and leave the rest as a buffer...
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    if you are burning standard vcd format onto cd, its about 60 minutes worth of video for 650Mb, or 65 minutes for 700 Mb.
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    Re: tough, but data size best bet

    I have a divx AVI file which is 677MB in size and 1:46 in length.
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    unless it is music it goes by size. any other form of data is limited by the size of the cd.
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    best way to figure out biterate is use a bite rate calculator but for basic vcd I wouldnt worry about it it will still go on 2 disks sometimes one best bet is to make svcd and set the biterate exactly so you can make it fit on 2 or 3 disks for better quality check out and down load there biterate calculator its java based html just add in the time of the file your trying to convert like with me I add in the time of the dvd I rip say 93 minutes etc.. and biterate calculator will tell you the data rate to fit it on such in such ammount of cds say 2 or 3 most movies Ill do 3 disks