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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by banter, May 12, 2003.

  1. banter

    banter Guest

    does anyone know if gta vice city will actually run smoothly without having to have a really good machine?

    My Spec:

    Athlon XP 1500+
    512 mb DDR pc2100
    GeForce 2 64mb mx200

    i know the minimum is meant to be 800Mhz but does anyone know if my system will be able to run gta vc fairly smoothly or should i get a new graphics card first?

  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    1 - How the other GTA III ran under that system ?
    2 - Should be perfect replacing that vidcard but the reason is not
    only this game

    80 % - will be able to run gta vc fairly smoothly - with a condition = replacing vidcard
    Recommandations :

    1. GF FX 5200
    2. GF Ti 4200 or 4800
    3. ATi Radeon 9700 - 9500 ( pro versions )

  3. MeFo

    MeFo el mafioso

    Santiago, Chile
    well it will run the same as GTA3...

    i get very low frame rates when im being chased by the cops, or when its raining...

    i have a xp2000+, 256 ram, geforce 2 gts 64mb
  4. toxicity

    toxicity Guest

    Yay!!! go GeForce 2!!!! i got one too. GTA3 ran smooth for me though too
  5. banter

    banter Guest

    i have been looking at some cards and a lot say they are 8x. My motherboard says it only has 4x agp. does this mean i cannot use these 8x cards (at least to their full poptential).

    What cards would you recommend for a 4x motherboard?
    (about £100)
  6. Teddy

    Teddy Boogie Nights...!

    London, UK
    It should run ok if you set the draw distance and resolution to suitable running 1600x1200x32 and its smooth as silk. It is a slight graphical improvement over GTA3 but not too much.

    Give it a go, if it runs like a dog return it.