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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kingnothing, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. kingnothing

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    I'm trying to set up my web site (not XP related) similar to this one.

    I purchased vBulletin, and I'm looking at several PHP portal interfaces such as php-Nuke, PostNuke, and myPHPNuke.

    I've read that the biggest problem is getting vBulletin and the portal sites to run from the same database so users won't have to register twice.

    Which portal interface does XP-erience.org use?

    How did you get your database to work with both vBulletin and the rest of your web site in terms of only having to register once?

    I'm completely new to PHP and mySQL so I'm just following examples that I've read on other boards and on installation files, but I haven't found anything that works like it does on XP-erience.org.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. waddy

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    We use PHPnuke 5.2.

    To integrate VBulletin into PHPNuke or Post nuke is done by simply sending the users information when they register on the forum to the Portals User table in the database....

    Its about 5 lines of SQL statement to write into the register file for VBulletin

    Im currently working on Integration so users dont have to logon to both the forum and website by using a new cookie, but it is still under development and may not be ready for months.....


    mail me if you need the code and a hand , if i get time i will help you.....