V. Slow SCSI Performance?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by g3w, Mar 21, 2002.

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    Hey again, hope alls well.

    Have just ran that PC-Pitstop checker over my system (http://www.pcpitstop.com) and have been dismayed by the woeful performance my HDD are giving me.
    (i'll not tell you my score for fear of laughter ;) )

    I have one Quantum Atlas III SCSI drive, 8.6Gb, partition into 2 drives, C:\ system drive, about 3 Gb, and D:\ data & installs, about 5.6Gb.

    The SCSI HDD is hanging off an Adaptec 2940AU SCSI card.

    The results of the PCPitstop tests are:

    C:\ Cached speed = 33Mb/Sec (50%)
    D:\ Cached speed = 114.37Mb/Sec (173%)

    C:\ Uncached speed = 1.19Mb/Sec (48%)
    D:\ Uncached speed = 1.77Mb/Sec (72%)

    I do not understand why, if they are one and the same physical disk, there is so much performance difference, especially in cached speed.

    I have relocated my page file onto D:\.. would this make a difference?

    Both my memory and processor speeds both rated 108%, ie slightly better then Pitstops library of similar systems, and I thought cached speed relies mainly on the speed of the processor and memory as opposed to uncached which relies on the speed of the disk?

    Can anyone give me any ideas as to maybe what to look for to get a bit better performance out of my SCSI set up?

  2. Qumahlin

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    see my reply on your other thread involving the swap file..and was it this way before or after you moved the swap?
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    Thanks for the reply Qumahlin.

    I am currently not using a page file. When I was, I honestly couldn't tell you how it was before / after, as I only straight away moved the swap file onto the 2nd partition (as office etc are installed on Part1 - needed the space).

    I only use this PC to monitor my servers, surf the web and do a bit of basic stuff (word processing and email). I have removed the page file (have 320Mb memory) and have installed a memory free'er WinRamTurbo to free any memory once i close a program. Currently, with 2-3 IE windows open, Outlook and Opera, it is still happily running along with 128Mb free.

    This seems to have definately helped my problem of slow Explorer, will now go and check your reply in the other thread :)

    thanks again!