UT2, Warcraft3, Doom3, Neverwinter Nights

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by _DM_, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    Theres gona be good game coming out this summer, so i was wondering what kind of games are u guys gona get. I'm probably gettin....ALL lol:D So what are u gettin this summer?!
  2. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Would be nice if Doom was out this summer, think it's out next year tho :S
  3. MyJelleo

    MyJelleo OSNN Junior Addict

    I got neverwinter, and I do plan on getting Warcraft one day when this hole in my wallet patches itself.

    As for the other two...sadly, I get motion sickness quick easily, so those games are out of the picture for me.
  4. DeepBlade

    DeepBlade Guest

    well, i guess u just need to get used to it... i started playing wolfenstein 3d in 1994, (and boy was it fun!!!) then came doom (boy was the funner!!!) then came doom 2, then quake 1 (boy... did that run slow on my 133 mhz comp!!!) then came quake 2, (boy was the SOOO fun, provided me hours and days and weeks of mad FUN!!! with my voodoo 3), then came UT, then came cs, (boy did walk so SLOW!!! when i first played it)

    so ya... the only times i got motion sick was when i played cs, really, 'not enough motion' sickness.... after playing UT and quake 2 fer long hours, u get to running REAL fast, and playing cs for long hours... u just get bored and sick and u just feel kinda funny inside....
  5. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    lol I get sick whenever I play Black and White i dunno why?:confused:
  6. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    I am really fan of Unreal series and i trust them , will be a good game :)
  7. dijital

    dijital Guest

    UT2003 and Doom 3 will more than likely be next summer at earliest. warcraft 3 is pretty fun, but it gets repetitive really quick. havent tried neverwinter yet.
  8. blake

    blake Guest

    Warcraft 3... im a big fan of rpgs...
    too bad my video card is not supported... need to get a new one... damn banshee
  9. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    I'll be getting UT2003
    Then Unreal 2
    Then Doom III

    Summer is a bad time, I think, for games to come out.
  10. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    UT2003 is due out next month! See HERE
  11. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    Damn! Over 6 different races and over 35 characters to choose from! Damn UT2003 is gona be tight!:D
  12. notoes

    notoes Guest

    Warcraft 3 - Had it for 2 weeks, it's ok, expected a little more

    UT2003 - Demo was a bit choppy but may be ok

    Neverwinter Nights - After 3 cd burning and downloading, the 1st 30 seconds I could tell was already dissipointing, I haven't touched it since

    NewDoom - Looks Promising, but have herd rumors that only works on specfic Video Cards

    Men In Black 2 - Funny Movie, but only 1hr 20min long, kinda short
  13. avsdotcom

    avsdotcom Guest

    So you can tell a game is poor after 30 seconds can you ? Thats some rare talent you have there. :p
  14. JeremyT

    JeremyT Guest

    i've already bought war3 and will be getting ut2003.
  15. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    The leaked releases of UT2003 were hardly optimised tho I still think the GF2mx will experience choppiness.
  16. loque

    loque Guest

    Hey would my GeforceII Ti be ok? It is am awsome card and I would hate to get rid of them.... (I bought two)
  17. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    doom 3

    cant wait..............:D
  18. Helmer

    Helmer Questions R me

    I vote NwN since Doom3 isn't out until next year - I betaed WarC3 so I can't be bothered with that game any more.. UT2002? Hell ya! But until then it's NwN [:D]