ut 3 beta demo out

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by epk, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. epk

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    ~740mb, comes with 3 maps and can be played online or with bots

    u can get it from the usual places (fileshack, gamershell, etc) or the bittorent network...

    im using the torrent, but its slow... (30kB/s)
  2. Petros

    Petros Thief IV

    Pacific Northwest
    Using Giganews, getting 600Kb/sec. Can't WAAAAIT! just a couple minutes...

    3Q and 4Q 2007 is shaping up to be a golden era for PC gaming.

    FileFront link here
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  3. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    Fileshack maxxed out my connection...
    Demo is pretty nice... chugs a bit on my old system though...
  4. epk

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    ok.. so the torrent got a speed boost (dunno how it happend, i just left for 2 hrs and it was done :p)

    tried it a bit... seems cool

    not that different from the ue2 games...

    but looks pretty neat... and quite fast..
    tho my cpu must be lackin some power... cos no matter what my graph settings are i always get 30-40 fps avg

    oh, and yes petros... there seem to be a lot of big games coming out lately (or announced to come out soon) :]
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