UT 2003 & colored cross hairs

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Martyr63rd, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Martyr63rd

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    well it sucks that it isnt default but guess what, it is for me now.
  2. Goatman

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    How did you change the cross hair colour?
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  4. Martyr63rd

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    Sorry guys on the late reply my internet service was out last night.

    You have to have photoshop and 2 filters off of is link:


    put them in the right directory, the dds.8bi in photoshop filters, import export folder.

    then put the msvcr70.dll in your photoshop main directory.

    then open unreal ed, open your Crosshairs.uts file

    right click the one you want to change and then choose export you have to do it that way.

    then open in photoshop, edit enjoy.

    then open unreal ed back up open the crosshairs.utx file import your crosshair, (note! the cross hair must be the exact name of another crosshair.)

    Choose save then over write the file. might be good idea to back it up by zipping or something.

    I take no responsibility for you messing up your crosshairs.utx file.

    No, i havent tried it online. Aint like it is a cheat though.

    There was an instance of the cross hair not showing up, i am not sure if it was because i tried to export using the File\export option or what. Also dont choose Detail hack in the optins in ut ed. i think that was part of the problem also. I just replaced the original and then exported it and opened it just fine.

    anything else?
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    i'm fine with the white color what i'd really like to change is the size of the explosion on the grenedes.... U expect a much larger and damaging explosion and all u get is this small puff, I think they fuckd up there.