user corrupted : clean install of XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by martin14041, Jan 28, 2002.

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    I have been having some problem with my user profile, it becomes corrupted 2 or 3 times a week and at boot it cannot be loaded, XP loads a temp. profile. I then have to do restore, it usually works on the 2nd attempt. Some people have said that I should do a clean install (I upgraded from Windows 98se).

    1st question: Anyone knows what the hell is going on with those user profile, why they "go bad".

    2nd question: How do I make a clean install from DOS of XP, apparently you cannot do that.

    3rd question: Fat 32 or NTFS? Half of my HD (30gig) is mp3 and iso games I don't want to format, so should I format the hard drive with XP on it with NTFS, or stay with FAT32.

    Help would be appreciated!
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    1. not sure do clean install of xp
    2. change your bios to boot from cd and do clean install
    3. if you partition magic just create another partition and move all your mp3's and warez over to the new partition...then reformat and boot from cd and do a clean install.
    3a. ntfs or fat32...if you're not worrying about security go with fat32...heard stories that fat32 gets fragmented easy but I have 2 parts xp on ntfs and downloads and crap on fat32 I haven't noticed much different and I think I del more from the fat32...
    2a. if your pc doesn't boot to cd just reformat put a cd driver on the drive or but with win98 and copy the i386 folder to the drive and run the install from your hard disk.