Featured Use Control+L For Power Surfing, Skip Favorites and Mouse

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Perris Calderon, Dec 31, 2016.

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    When using edge, if you want to go to one of your favorite sites, rather then go to the mouse, you'll find it more convenient and faster hinting control=L

    In Edge, and probably other browsers, not only does control+L open the address bar, it also presents a short list of your most visited sites, you can just use your arrow key to get to the site you're looking for, and hit enter.

    If the site you want to go to isn't on that list, you can usually type the first letter of the site, and if you've visited it before, it should come up in that list, for instance, if you visit quora once in a while, and want to go there, rather then going into favorites, just hit control+L then type the letter Q and quora should present itself, hit enter, bam.