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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bruce_ers00, Oct 6, 2002.

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    I purchased a wireless network setup at a local store yesterday. The setup includes two USB 802.11b network adapaters (new, by Microsoft) and a wireless access point with fast ethernet and HPNA access (by 2Wire). I am having a problem I had a while back with Intel's AnyPoint Wireless network (non 802.11b). When my computer is untouched for a while, power management takes over and shuts down unneccessary devices (USB, in particular). This is all fine, but it takes so long for my system to awake the adapter and then find and reconnect to my wireless network. I have been in device manager where I have unchecked the option (for all USB hubs) to allow windows turn off the device to save energy. This seems to NOT being solving the problem. Can anyone recommend any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance! :confused:
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    Have you tried accessing power options through the control panel and checking your settings there?
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    I've checked. My computer is not set to manage power other than my hard drives which turn off after three hours of inactivity.
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    check your power supply... the 5V and 3.3V leads have to send a minimum current (depending on the mobo) in order for usb devices to remain enabled during standby or suspend modes... i have a similar problem however with keyboard and mouse, i can't wake from standby with usb optical mouse, but i can with usb keyboard... because there is not the minimum required current on the line for the mouse, but i guess it's ok for keyboard...