usb 2.0 in xp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jay, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. jay

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    why is usb 2.0 20 times slower than usb 1.1 on my sony laptop.?
    with p3, win xp pro and a 2 or 4 port usb 2.0 cardbus, everything is 20 times slower than usb 1.1? windows sux. bill gate sux.
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    update drivers or buy a better brand card...i have no problems with 2.0...and if you dislike windows so much try Linux/Unix/Mac then tell me how much windows sucks. until you have tried all 3 i dont think anyone can complain
  3. jay

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    thanks for reply. i do have linux on my computer as well. You sounded like you were offended by me telling ms sux. Are you son of Bill Gates? I dont think so. Because if you were you would not come here and reply me.
    Well no offense but everyone should be free to speak his/her mind here.
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    well you came to a windows site to say windows sucks... seems like alot of work to do nothing
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    I have a sony laptop too. From what I have found, make sure your power profiles are not interferring with your USB 2.0. My notebook is all USB 1.1, but I do have 2 i.Link ports that are controlled via the power profiles. When I initially bought it, the i.Link was set for max battery life which had it running slower than the USB ports!
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    i come here everyday since oct. 25 2001.