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    what is this? im afraid to download it because it might be a virus, but then its from aol (or so i think) so... the other reason i dont want to download it is because internet is so slow, but anyways what is this? i use aol if that helps
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    Found the following Q & A on a Google search - take it for what it is worth -ther than that I have no idea!

    Q: Every time I open a search engine or site I keep getting
    message that says some file can harm your computer. If
    the file information below looks suspicious or you do not
    fully trust the source, do not open or save this file.

    File name US
    would you like to open the file or save it to your
    computer. It has a check mark before a box that says
    always ask before opening this type of file.
    I have removed the check mark but it comes back up every
    time I try to do anything. Can anyone help me? This
    happened when I downloaded a file microsoft windows said
    was a critical update. Thanks

    A: Ive had a look at this and its very confusing, firstly,
    dont download or accept this file, contact aol and ask
    them what this is, it maybe nothing, but it maybe harmful,
    check with aol. but DONT accept the file until you know,
    and if it is from aol, ask them exacally what it is, then
    you can decide weather to accept it or not.
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    that website you just pasted from for some reason i could look at so thanks. ill call aol once i have the time, but i dont know what the number is
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    1-800-AOL-SUCKS?? :p
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    Isn't it 69-CHANGE-NOW? :p

    *Ponders the morality of picking on AOL users*
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    i only use aol because its cheap. i get it for $10 US for unlimited