Urgent help required.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flatbeat_Eddy, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. , i cant get onto this website www.wwiionline.com

    i have an account there etc, but i cannot reach the site as of yesterday. Others are able to get there except for me i just get a Page not displayed screen.

    what could be causeing this? i have a fresh install of XP and NO firewall.
  2. blinden

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    is this a serious post or just stupid spam?

    anyways, I can get too the site just fine, that is 11:30 am Eastern Time

    if it's a DNS issue try in your browser instead of the website
  3. Itserious, I cant get onto the site

    I need to get there so i can Cancel the subscription to my bank accout, But i keep getting PAGE NOT DISPLAYED every damn time.

    even the PLAYnet sites dont work for me? but you seem to be able to get there fine?
  4. OK I SOLVED IT, the game that i had installed was messing up the Explorer for some reason.

    And FFS dont call me a spammer! i hate spammers.